How to Post a Group Video Presentation to a Canvas Discussion 

Step 1

Meet with your group on Zoom. One person in the group records the meeting to his/her computer. 
Zoom window with arrow pointing Record button

Step 2

After the presentation is recorded, go to the Discussion in Canvas. Select Reply.

Discussion in Canvas with arrow pointing Reply button

Step 3

Select the green Panopto video icon.

Discussion in Canvas with arrow pointing at Panopto icon

Step 4

Find and select the class folder from the dropdown menu.

Panopto window to select class folder

Step 5

Select Upload to upload your Zoom recording that is saved on your computer. Then drag and drop the video file (most likely an MP4 file) into the box. 

Panopto window to upload video

Step 6

You will see the video title listed. Select Insert

Insert Panopto video

Step 7

Your video will appear within a new post. Add text to your post if you wish. When ready, choose Post Reply

Rich content editor to post reply