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The Office of Educational Design & Technology (EDT) mission is to create educational environments and materials that enhance the teaching and learning experience at SAIS.

The EDT team provides a wide range of services for faculty, staff, and students for the Washington DC, SAIS Europe, and the Hopkins-Nanjing Center. The EDT team includes experts in program development, instructional design, and educational technology. Some of the academic technology tools we support include Canvas, lecture recordings, course evaluations, training, and workshops.



What We Do:

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Imagine crafting a journey of learning - that's what educational program design is all about. It's the meticulous process of shaping learning experiences that not only spark curiosity but also propel individuals toward achieving specific goals. This practice demands understanding your audience, their aspirations, and the desired outcomes. It's about setting clear objectives, meticulously choosing content, and weaving diverse instructional methods into a captivating tapestry.

From online courses to professional development workshops, effective program design ensures active participation, critical thinking, and meaningful engagement. The Office of Educational Design and Technology partners with faculty, staff, and other stakeholders across the division to design and develop graduate-level programs, courses, and non-credit professional development experiences for prospective students and alumni. Overall, the EDT team of designers and technologists is aligned to create meaningful learning experiences that empower individuals to achieve their full potential.

Navigating online learning requires robust support systems. EDT technologists, designers, and advisors support students enrolled in online programs and courses by offering technology support and coaching to create a safety net for academic success. EDT student engagement officers focus on creating engagement strategies such as online learning communities, virtual extracurricular opportunities, and personalized communication approaches to cultivate a sense of connection and address isolation. By prioritizing both support and engagement, the EDT office empowers online learners to flourish and reach their full potential within the unique online learning environments.
The EDT office, manages, collaborates, and oversees vendors contracted to market and recruit for SAIS’ degree, and non-degree programs delivered online and in hybrid modalities. The team defines goals, communication channels, and processes; monitors vendor performance based on enrollment metrics, and student satisfaction; and ensures compliance to contract clauses, budget, and timelines.
From supporting SAIS faculty and staff with using Canvas, exploring and integrating emerging tech tools into teaching, to collaborating on the design of online and hybrid courses, the Ed Tech team offers a wide range of services. They offer training and workshops and develop high-quality learning materials and job aids for new and emerging educational technology tools. They also guide assessment, evaluation, accessibility, and copyright all to enhance learning experiences, improve teaching practices, and ultimately, support student success.

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