Contributing to a Video Discussion

Step 1

Find the Discussion where you wish to contribute. Select Reply.An arrow pointing to the reply box on a Canvas discussion.

Step 2

Choose the green Panopto Video icon to launch Panopto, SAIS’s contracted video-recording software. A pop-up window will appear.

An arrow pointing at the Panopto button in the rich content editor in Canvas.

Step 3

Choose Record to record a new video.

Step 4

Select My Folder from the dropdown menu.

Step 5

Select Launch Capture to record the video in your browser.

Step 6

A new tab will open in your browser. The new tab will display Panopto Capture, which is the software you will use to record your video. You will need to allow Panopto to access your camera and microphone. Verify and/or select your Audio and Video inputs. Under Screens and Apps, you can choose whether you wish to record your screen.

When you have chosen your desired inputs, select the red circle to begin recording. 

Step 7

When you are finished making your video, select the red circle again to end recording. You will then see the screen in the image below. From this screen, you can view, edit, or redo the video if you wish. You can also change the title of the video, which, by default, will be the date and time of the recording.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the folder where you are storing the video is My Folder.

When you are satisfied with the video, simply close the tab on your browser. You do not need to Share or Send the video. 


Step 8

Return to the browser tab where you have Canvas open.  The video should appear in the pop-up window. (Note: It may take a few seconds to appear.)  Select Insert to add your video to the Rich Content Editor of your Discussion post.  

Step 9

Add text to your Discussion post if you wish. When you are finished, select Post Reply. 

The rich content editor with the video embedded and the Post Reply button highlighted.